Irrigation System, Spray Pumps, Solar Energy Agricultural Machinery:

Company Had Arranged Agriculture Conference on Irrigation System, Spray Pumps, Solar Energy and Agricultural Machinery. In the exhibition various stalls were connected to Agriculture, Horticulture Insecticides, Agricultural Machinery & Instruments of new Technology of Poly House and Green House . On that occasion 1000 Farmers,connected with Agriculture and people from all divisions of society, were present. Irrigation System:Irrigation has been a central feature of agriculture for over 5,000 years and is the product of many cultures. Solar energy :Is an important source of renewable energy. The large magnitude of solar energy available makes it a highly appealing source of electricity.

Renewable Energy Equipment:

Spray Pumps: A Spray Pump is a device used to spray a liquid. In agriculture, a spray pump is a piece of equipment that is used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on agricultural crops.

Agricultural Machinery by JAIN IRRIGATION