Organic Farming

Organic farming is the new super technology for our farmers. When a farmer is served from multiple problems, he may be able to give you an insight into how it finally happened, yet the feeling cannot be entirely put to words. To encourage organic farming in Maharashtra, the Siddheshwar Agrotech Company has formulated a special policy for the sector. The policy has devised a roadmap for developing the whole value chain — from the farm gate to the consumer. The policy has defined organic farming as an integrated method, which uses local natural resources for farming and which rejects the use of chemicals for cultivation. Such a farming method will help improve the quality of land and reduce air and water pollution. “In fact, by using organic farming methods, farmers can save money and not have to shell out for fertilisers and pesticides. If they convert farm waste into manure, their cost of cultivation can also be controlled". The policy is aiming to develop organic food safety standards, which are in sync with international ones. Incentives would be given for industries setting up units for processing, packaging and temperature controlled warehouses for organic foods. It also wants to develop a marketing infrastructure for such products. “Today, a higher price for organic products and marketing infrastructure is the need of the hour. Only then, organic farming will be successful”