Vegetable Farming

Company Had Arranged Agriculture Conference on Vegetable Farming. Vegetable Farming : Farmers are Advised to Sow Summer Vegetables by Mokal The farmers have been advised to harvest rabi crops as early as possible and sow summer vegetables such as bottle gourd, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, cucumber, water melon and musk melon and prepare the field for the forthcoming kharif crops. Vegetable Farming: Fair price vegetable outlets in Mumbai This means now consumers will be able to buy their vegetable and fruits at a lesser price compared to retailers or vendors. The state is also planning to open a weekly market in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). “The weekly market will be operated once a week at different locations on a large scale and will involve many farmer groups. Contrary to this, fair-price retail outlets will be small scale and will involve departmental stores and retailers to ensure a regular supply of veggies to urban consumers.”